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Business Services

Director: Jason Ivy

Contact Information
Phone: 662-513-7690

The Business Services Department at the North Mississippi Regional Center is charged with managing the fiscal operations of our agency, with a focus on the needs of the individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities who reside at our main campus and community programs. The staff of the Business Services Department performs an array of duties including:

  • Budget - Each year an annual budget is prepared and submitted to the State Legislature. Once the annual appropriation is adopted by the Legislature and approved by the Governor, the Business Services Department manages agency resources in accordance with legislative authority and makes budget amendments when necessary.
  • Accounting - All areas of accounting are performed by the Business Services Department. These include accounts payable, payroll, fixed assets, travel reimbursement, cash receipts, general ledger, auditing, grants management, and administration of agency procurement card program.
  • Procurement - The Business Services Department facilitates the acquisition of services, commodities, and equipment necessary for agency operation in accordance with state purchasing laws and regulations.
    Payroll - see related Payroll section.
  • Reimbursement - see related Reimbursement section.
  • Legal compliance – Compliance with federal and state laws, and rules and regulations as they relate to the fiscal operations of the agency.
  • Internal Audit - It is the duty of the Internal Audit Department to provide management of the North Mississippi Regional Center with information about the adequacy and the effectiveness of its system of internal controls and the quality of operating performance when compared with established standards, guidelines, and federal and state law. This is accomplished by the regular periodic auditing and monitoring of various activities of the North Mississippi Regional Center and the results to the Center Director.


North Mississippi Regional Center

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Oxford, MS 38655

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