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Community Transition Services

Director: Allen Rooker

Contact Information
Phone: 662-513-7720

Community Transition Services (CTS) is responsible for operations of all ICF/IID Community Homes and Community Enrichment Programs (CEP).

ICF/IID Community Homes are homes designed both in environment and philosophy to provide persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) the opportunities to live, work, and become actively involved in their home communities. The homes are staffed 24 hours a day, with professional staff who are engaged and on duty.  Operating under the NMRC’s ICF/IID licensure, these residential programs provide a level of care and supervision which is necessary for the persons with IDD who are receiving services to become more independent and to thrive in their least restrictive setting possible.

The North Mississippi Regional Center currently operates 23 ICF/IID community homes in the following cities:

·  Quail Run, Batesville (2)

·  Twin Oaks, Booneville (2)

·  Redwood/Elmwood, Bruce (2)

·  J.W. Hunt, Columbus (1)

·  Poplar Point, Corinth (2)

·  Rosedale/Glendale, Fulton (2)

·  Haven Homes, Hernando (2)

·  Kilmichael, Kilmichael (2)

·  Briar Ridge, Nettleton (2)

·  Fernwood, Oxford (1)

·  Bodock Grove, Pontotoc (2)

·  Meadow View, Senatobia (3)


The Community Enrichment Programs (CEPs) provide skills training that improves job readiness and individual independence. Every person with IDD finds their own unique pathway to community employment.  Because the specialized training available in the CEPs enhances employment-related skills, each person’s vocational strengths, career interest, and employment preferences are all determined and then documented in their person-centered plans.  Staff subsequently integrate personal preferences into specific person-centered employment-related instruction aimed at assisting CEP participants in achieving their most desired employment outcomes.  The employment-related training available in the CEPs further emphasizes basic communication, functional academics, daily living, and community awareness.  Instructional methods which promote money management, job-readiness banking/budgeting, meal preparation, self-confidence, and community integration are also essential elements of the CEP training.  Other examples of the skill areas developed in these programs include social-emotional competencies, self-management techniques, and self-advocacy skills.  Additional learning opportunities that enhance employment skills are offered through a variety of arts and crafts, small group projects, and unique entrepreneurial ventures.  All CEP training focuses on the employment-related and career-related skills which are beneficial in any environment.  The overarching purpose of the CEP programs is to increase skills and to assist each person towards successful integrated employment, and greater community inclusion.

The North Mississippi Regional Center currently operates six Community Enrichment programs in the following cities:

  • Batesville
  • Booneville
  • Hernando
  • Kilmichael
  • Oxford
  • Verona


North Mississippi Regional Center

967 Regional Center Drive

Oxford, MS 38655

(662) 234-1476