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Risk Management

Director: Ben Collins

Contact Information
Phone: 662-513-7767

The Risk Management Department was established to identify, assess, and implement strategies to best deal with the potential for loss and in coping with a loss once it has occurred. The major responsibilities of the Risk Management Department are to administer the Family Medical Leave program, the motor vehicle driver approvals, the worker's compensation program, tort liability claims, the Emergency Operations Plan and overall campus security. The goal of the department is to assist in the identification of potential risk as it relates to our clients, staff, property, income, and goodwill. Since NMRC is a non-profit organization, not only must we focus on the well-being of our clients and staff, but we also have a responsibility toward the public. Therefore, it is important we maintain the public trust as well. The more effective we are, the closer we come to helping fulfill our organization's mission.


North Mississippi Regional Center

967 Regional Center Drive

Oxford, MS 38655

(662) 234-1476