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Social Services

Director: Theresa Mathis

Contact Information
Phone: 662-513-7889

The Social Services Department meets the NMRC mission which includes providing quality care and comprehensive services with dignity and respect in these ways:

  • Facilitating the healthy social-emotional adjustment of every individual served by acting as a liaison between NMRC and the family.
  • Encouraging family participation in the development and implementation of every individual's Individual Support Plan (ISP).
  • Providing informal assessments of every individual's needs through personal observations, interdisciplinary conferences, and family/staff information.
  • Providing ongoing and relevant communication with individuals, family, and staff.
  • Establishing and maintaining trusted relationships with individuals and family.
  • Promoting cooperation and family inclusion in all aspects of NMRC's programs.

The responsibility of the NMRC social worker includes:

  • Assisting individuals with communication with family and friends though ongoing phone calls, letter-writing, and video-chatting.
  • Conveying individual and family concerns to the interdisciplinary team.
  • Working with the interdisciplinary team to resolve individual and family concerns.
  • Coordinating individuals’ on/off site visits and regular home visits.
  • Keeping family informed of any revisions in an Individual Support Plan (ISP).
  • Participation in their annual Person-Centered Plan (PCP) and (ISP) Meetings.
  • Compiling and maintaining master and departmental records.
  • Planning for client’s discharge and follow-up.
  • To provide assistance with regard to client maintenance.
  • Developing Social Histories.
  • Submitting Quarterly Progress Reports.

North Mississippi Regional Center

967 Regional Center Drive

Oxford, MS 38655

(662) 234-1476