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Therapy Services

Director: Chris Dale

Contact Information
Phone: 662-513-7713


Occupational and Physical Therapists and OT/PT technicians at the North Mississippi Regional Center demonstrate great care for the individuals served by the NMRC. Treatment techniques include passive and active range of motion exercise, positioning, splinting with upper extremity and lower extremity splints and orthotics, whirlpool therapy, aquatic therapy, hippotherapy, sensorimotor therapy, and ultrasound. We endeavor to provide the best care and treatment available. Therapy is conducted one to five times weekly


The Communications Department is comprised of speech-language pathologists and an audiologist. They provide a full spectrum of speech, language, hearing, and swallowing services for individuals receiving residential services in the NMRC's ICF/IID programs and diagnostic services.

Speech-language pathologists evaluate speech and language abilities and assist individuals in developing reliable forms of communication. For individuals with little or no speech, they may provide and teach augmentative or alternative communication methods including sign language, picture symbols, and voice output communication aids. In addition, speech-language pathologists evaluate individuals with swallowing disorders and collaborate with other professionals to determine appropriate diet modifications, assistive devices, and compensatory strategies necessary to promote swallowing without choking or aspirating. They also train staff in appropriate use of these modifications and strategies.

Audiologists conduct annual hearing evaluations/screenings which are administered for each individual receiving ICF/IID services. The audiologist works closely with the Nursing Department to ensure that those individuals who have been identified as having medical problems in the auditory system receive appropriate treatment in an expeditious manner. This system has been streamlined to facilitate communication between the departments concerning cerumen management, diagnosis, treatment, and necessary follow-up actions for the individuals who have otologic problems. The audiologist also works closely with the University of Mississippi's Speech and Hearing Center to ensure that those persons who are in need of hearing aids receive appropriate amplification devices.

North Mississippi Regional Center

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Oxford, MS 38655

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